A Newbies Guide To Eyelash Extensions In Austin TX

by | Oct 10, 2018 | Beauty Salons

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Women of all ages find that their eyelashes are not full and voluptuous, which may cause their eyes to have a sunken in appearance and lead to self-esteem issues. Though fake eyelashes are an option, they are often complicated to install and do not provide long-lasting results. Eyelash Extensions in Austin TX are a viable alternative, as they are a semi-permanent treatment that allows anyone to have the lush lashes they desire in a fraction of the time and without requiring daily maintenance.

The Installation Process

Many consumers are cautious when it comes to obtaining extensions, as they are unsure of what to expect. During the installation appointment, a technician will apply a customized set of lashes to the person’s existing lash bed, usually through the use of a medical grade glue. After the lashes are set in place, the adhesive is cured through the use of a UV light, which ensures a reliable and sturdy bond.

Styling Requirements

One of the most significant benefits to Eyelash Extensions in Austin TX is that they require virtually no maintenance to retain their visual appeal. Some consumers find that the use of a mascara product developed for extension products provides a higher level of definition, but it is not required. While the lashes may be curled, a technician will style the extensions, and most will hold their shape for several weeks after installation.

Average Lifespan

As a person’s natural lashes grow, it will force the Eyelash Extensions in Austin TX from the lash bed, and the lashes will require replacement to retain the same level of visual appeal. Though the time does vary, most consumers obtain three weeks of use before requiring maintenance. The application of oil-free facial products may help increase the overall lifespan, and allow a person to reduce the number of trips to their extension technician.

No one has to live with less than full lashes any longer. Haute House Lash and Beauty Bar offers a variety of beauty services that will allow anyone to put their best face forward at all times. Check out their site to learn more or call today to schedule an extension installation appointment and take the first step in getting voluptuous eyelashes.

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