Different Types Of Keratin Treatments

The strength and lustrous nature of your hair is completely dependent on a protein known as Keratin. When you do not have an adequate amount of keratin in your hair, you will likely experience frizzy and dry hair. With professional keratin treatments in Jacksonville, even the most unruly hair can become smooth and shiny, offering results for up to several months at a time. There are several different types of keratin treatments and selecting the right one is essential to achieving the look and texture of hair you desire.


The Brazilian Blowout Professional Treatment works to smooth hair and eliminate frizz while keeping the volume intact. This is the ideal solution for anyone that has extremely curly hair that becomes unmanageable in humid environments. When this treatment is applied to your hair, the stylist will apply the product and then use a metal-plated round brush while drying to help the product successfully sink in. The procedure takes at least an hour and can last anywhere from three to six months.

Soft Keratin Treatments

This type of keratin treatment will help to gently eliminate frizz while ensuring curls stay intact. This is the perfect solution for those that want to manage frizz but keep their wavy or curly hair. This treatment works best on medium or fine-textured hair. After treatment, the effects can last up to two months.

Japzilian Keratin

This treatment combines Brazilian and Japanese straightening systems, providing longer-lasting results for all types of hair. The Brazilian keratin product will be applied first in order to loosen the curl and the Japanese treatment will be applied over the top in order to seal the cuticle and completely lock out frizz. After treatment, the hair will not require any type of heat styling and simply air drying will provide a complete straight finish. This treatment can last up to five months longer than the Brazilian treatment alone and provides much more volume than the simple Japanese straight perm.

Keratin Express

This is a short type of treatment that is perfect for anyone wanting to make their hair more manageable. The keratin is applied to your hair in the form of a serum and then sealed with a blow dryer and flat iron. It will last for a period of four to six weeks and is the ideal solution for people that have straight or wavy hair that becomes frizzy in humidity.

Selecting the proper type of keratin treatment will ensure that you achieve the results you desire for your hair. Keep in mind, proper maintenance is also required after the treatment to ensure the effects of the treatment last.

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