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Using 3D Ultrasound to Build Patient Relationships and Save Time and Money

Gynecologists are improving their relationship with their patients and saving time and money using 3D ultrasound machines. Physicians know that they need to exert special care when making a capital investment. They have to weigh the costs

Mobile PET Scans Are Helping Patients in New York During the Pandemic

The cardiac SPECT exam in New York is helping cardiac patients get the support they need during a challenging time. During the pandemic, patients have to be careful about maintaining their health. COVID-19 is especially dangerous for

Deep-Heat Therapy With a Portable Ultrasound Machine From South Carolina

Even after ultrasound machines became common in medical settings, most smaller healthcare clinics did not offer ultrasound treatment for pain relief. This large equipment was simply too expensive for many of these practitioners to purchase. Now, with

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