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Reasons You Should See a Specialist When You Suffer from Shoulder Pain

From an injury to inflammation of the joints, there are various reasons why a person may suffer from shoulder pain in Jacksonville. They may experience problems trying to lift their arm or an individual is unable to

Signs That Indicate You Need to Get Physical Therapy in Glendale, AZ

Physical therapy can help you regain your mobility and range of motion. Anyone can benefit from getting physical therapy. There are several signs that indicate you need to get physical therapy in Glendale AZ. Be the first

Some Common Causes of Spine Pain that Could be Holding You Back

Back pain is one of the most common ailments that impacts adults. It can be something that is temporary or chronic. No matter what the case, if you are suffering from back pain, you want it to

Spinal Pain and Treatment

Millions of people suffer from ongoing back and spine pain- Jacksonville residents not excluded. In fact, it is the leading cause of disability in those under the age of 45. There are many conditions and occurrences that

How Orthotics Can be Beneficial to People That Suffer from Foot Issues

Orthotics is powerful in keeping joints in alignment, changing the way we walk and correcting any foot deformities. It provides additional support to the feet far beyond the support provided by tendons and ligaments. If someone has

Basics of Foot Care and Health

Your feet are important and provide the foundation for the rest of your body to build up from. Taking care of your feet is essential to maintaining your overall health and happiness. Here at Back in Balance

Pain Does Not Have to Control Your Life when an Answer is Available

Whether you have recently been involved in an accident that has caused damage to your spine or you have been living with back pain for years. It is possible to find a solution to help improve your

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