Why You May Be In the Market for a Thermal Cycler in Chestnut Hill, MA

by | Dec 13, 2021 | Medical Supplies

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Anyone who has worked in a scientific or medical lab is likely familiar with thermal cyclers. These devices are also referred to as DNA Amplifiers or PCR machines. In essence, these tools help researchers to work with the Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) process. In specific, these machines amplify certain segments of a DNA sample. Learn more about how this type of device can be useful for your research purposes.

A Look at the Machinery

Thermal cyclers have a unique design that supports their intended use. Each model has fitted holes that are surrounded by a thermal block. It is here where test tubes containing samples are placed. During the process, the device cycles through different temperatures to carry out the reaction.

A Few Possible Choices

When considering whether to buy thermal cyclers, it can help to look at a couple specific machines. The SCI-100HM-Pro LCD Digital Thermal Mixer provides many features at a low cost of entry. This model is efficient at mixing. It makes use of a clear, TFT display. It also has a wide range of programming capabilities, such as a pre-heating mode. You’ll also get the benefit of real time feedback of critical data, such as temperature, time and speed. Overall, the SCI-100HM-Pro is a good choice for many different projects. If you need cooling capabilities, the SCI-100HCM-Pro LCD adds controls for lower temperatures.

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