Quality Pregnancy Care Near Me

If you are experiencing a planned pregnancy, a soon-to-be mother with an unplanned happening, or anywhere in between, it is of the utmost importance to seek out the care that is best for you. One of the best ways to find good pregnancy care near you is by first checking out Hill Country Birth & Wellness. Below are some of the most important reasons why finding good care near you is important.

Choosing a Birth Center vs. a Hospital

For expecting mothers choosing a birth center, you will be given private care and room during delivery, whereas at a hospital and with lesser insurance coverage, you’ll likely be moved to a semiprivate room after birth.

At a birth center, you will experience more freedom as you can walk around and be as active as you would like and wear what you want during your delivery. This is really the most ideal situation for pregnancy care near you for expectant mothers with minimal-risk pregnancies. It is suggested that if you are high risk, that you seek medical attention at a hospital or with an OBGYN.

What to Expect From Pregnancy Care Near Me

At a birth center, you can experience concierge-style care for each individual client, in-office appointments plus one home visit for home birth clients from their pregnancy care provider, and on-site lab work with no need to make a separate trip to any other facility or hospital. You will also be offered newborn care with your pregnancy care provider after delivery for up to six weeks of age, including

• Newborn screenings
• Blood tests
• CCHD screenings
• Hearing screenings
• And more!

You will also gain lactation support and support on any other aspects that you see fit for your individual needs.

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