The Dermaplaning St. Johns FL Experience

Many women in the St. Johns, FL area, are looking for ways to give their skin a healthy, natural glow. Dulling of the facial skin is frequently caused by a buildup of dead skin cells, which forms a layer of dry, dense material on the skin’s surface.

The presence of fine, short hair on the face, commonly known as peach fuzz, can add to the dull appearance. Peach fuzz can be bothersome for some women, and it is often embarrassing, especially when foundation is applied.

Other factors that can contribute to a less-than-ideal appearance of facial skin include sun damage, old acne scars, fine wrinkles and lines, and hyperpigmentation. These problems frequently worsen as women age and their skin loses plumpness and elasticity.

The Dermaplaning St. Johns FL Solution

The process involves the use of a very sharp exfoliating blade that is skimmed across the skin’s surface. It is done over small areas of the face, removing the dead skin cells as well as the peach fuzz from the area. There is no pain, discomfort, or skin irritation during or after the process.

The result is an immediate brightening of the face and a smoothing of the skin with a luxurious appearance and feel. When combined with a hydration facial treatment, it leaves the skin supple, soft, and naturally hydrated.

Because no chemicals are applied to the skin, the Dermaplaning St. Johns FL procedure can be repeated as many times as necessary. The specific schedule for appointments will be based on the individual client, and particularly on the rate of facial hair growth. To find out more, visit The Fountain of Beauty or give us a call.

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