Keep Dogs Healthy With Vet Services in Roswell

Like a first-time parent, a new pet owner may obsess over everything their dog does. Thankfully, there are a few ways to tell when a dog is doing well. Along with regular Vet Services in Roswell, these indicators should be noticed by observant pet owners.

Good Breath

As in people, a healthy mouth is a sign of a healthy dog. If an animal has periodontitis or gingivitis, it may eventually affect their vital organs. A foul smell coming from a dog’s mouth can indicate tooth decay, or worse yet, melanoma, an aggressive form of cancer. With routine dental checkups, dogs can enjoy greater overall health.

A Clean, Shiny Coat

A healthy dog typically has a clean, shiny coat due to shedding and the presence of natural oils. Unless they get very dirty, healthy dogs don’t need regular baths. If a dog frequently scratches, chews, or licks, it may be a sign of a skin allergy, irritation, or fleas. Schedule a checkup to find the cause of the problem.

Consistent Weight

Obesity isn’t just a concern for people; it’s worrying for pets and veterinarians as well. Excess weight causes problems such as heart or lung disease, diabetes, joint and bone disease, and various types of cancer. However, weight loss may be concerning as well. If a dog has suddenly lost weight, schedule Vet Services in Roswell to rule out a health issue.


Healthy dogs are eager to spend time with their humans, greeting them at the door, being playful, and observing them with interest. If a dog starts isolating itself or seems to be sleeping more, there may be health issues at play. Behavioral changes are the primary way pet owners find out that something’s wrong, and it’s important to schedule veterinary care as soon as possible.

Call Today to Schedule an Appointment

If a pet owner has questions about their dog’s health or they’re worried that there may be an issue, they should contact a veterinarian immediately. Remember, dogs can’t really tell their owners when something goes wrong. It’s up to the owner to notice the signs and seek help when they arise. Visit  for more information or call today to make an appointment.

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