Learning About Eyelid Surgery in Derby KS to Correct Drooping Upper Lids

Many people believe they can only have Eyelid Surgery in Derby KS performed by a cosmetic surgeon, but they actually can have the operation performed by an ophthalmologist. This medical doctor specializes in diagnosing and treating diseases and disorders of the eyes. In some instances, problems with the eyelids are functional issues as well as cosmetic ones.

The Problem of Drooping Upper Lids

Medically known as blepharoplasty, Eyelid Surgery in Derby KS can help the patient look more youthful and also help this person’s sense of well-being. Drooping upper lids, for instance, make a person look older and tired. The problem actually can cause a feeling of being tired because of the constant effort required to keep the lids raised to a better level. This can be especially difficult when someone is dealing with eyestrain from working on a computer.

Drooping eyelids can reduce peripheral vision and even vision at the top of the eyeball. The patient becomes accustomed to the reduced field of vision and feels like this is normal, but it is unsatisfactory. In the case of side vision, it can even be unsafe.

Why This Happens

Sagging eyelids are more likely as people age. The lids stretch to a certain extent, and fat can develop above and below the eyes. The muscles in this part of the face become weaker. Even the eyebrows can start to sag under these conditions.

Understanding the Blepharoplasty Procedure

During blepharoplasty, the ophthalmologist removes some of the excess skin and fat of the lids. Skin may be tightened if necessary to stop the drooping.

Afterward, healing should be complete within two or three weeks. At first, there will be some redness and swelling, and the eyes may look bloodshot. Patients can wear eyeglasses immediately after surgery, but they should wait to wear contact lenses until the swelling has dissipated and the lenses feel completely comfortable on the eyes.

This problem is relatively common in individuals during late middle age and the senior years. Anyone who would like to have the issue resolved may contact an organization such as Business Name to Schedule an appointment.

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