Treatments for Allergies from an Allergist in Louisville KY

The treatment of allergies is dependent on the severity of a person’s condition, along with the type of allergy they have. If their allergies are so severe that they interfere with a person’s quality of life, then it is important to see an allergist in Louisville KY for help. They can determine what a person is allergic to and then be able to suggest the best treatment available. Some of the most common allergy treatments can be found here.

Nasal Sprays

One of the most commonly used remedies and treatments for allergy-related symptoms is nasal sprays. There is a wide array of spray options, which are available in both prescription and OTC options. These can help to provide temporary relief from allergy related issues. The type of nasal sprays for allergies used today include steroid sprays, antihistamine sprays, decongestant sprays, and saline nasal sprays.

Allergy Drugs and Medications

In addition to nasal sprays that an allergist in Louisville KY can prescribe or suggest to alleviate allergy symptoms, another treatment option is allergy medications. These can help to reduce a person’s reaction to certain allergens. These medications, both prescription and over-the-counter can be taken in pill or liquid form. The medications used for treating allergies include antihistamines, decongestants, mast cell stabilizers, steroids, and anti-immunoglobulin E therapy.

Allergy Shots

An allergy shot involves the injection of small amounts of extracts of a certain allergen into a person’s body, which will stimulate the immune system without causing any type of allergic reaction. The doctor will continue to increase the allergen dose as time passes. These shots are similar to a vaccine. The person’s body will begin to develop a tolerance and immunity to certain allergens after they are exposed to them. In most cases, these shots are given for a period of three to five years.

When it comes to allergies, there’s no question that seeing a doctor for help is a good move. They can help ensure that a person gets the best treatment for their particular situation. More information about seeing an allergist can be found by taking the time to meet Dr. Steven Smith.

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