What Happens During Drug Testing in Cincinnati OH?

by | Oct 15, 2018 | Health

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Drug testing is an important part of employment screening and as a part of ongoing testing for jobs. Those who have never been through drug testing can sometimes feel a little overwhelmed and even stressed about the process. When individuals know what to expect from Drug Testing in Cincinnati OH, they can be properly prepared and much less nervous.

What Happens During Testing?

While the drug testing process can feel a little intimidating, it does not have to be. The process is carried out confidentially and the results are only shared with a person’s employer or the one who ordered the test. To ensure the right person is giving the specimen, the individual coming in for testing will need to provide a photo ID and the paperwork from their company. The ID submission prevents individuals from sending someone to give a sample in their place.

Many people mistakenly believe the collector will remain in the bathroom with them while they are providing their sample, but this is not the case. The collector will walk the individual into the bathroom and will instruct them on the steps they need to take for giving a proper urine sample. There are certain rules that must be followed, such as not flushing the toilet or turning on any water.

The urine sample will be checked for color, temperature, and smell. The collector is thoroughly trained to spot any means of trying to skew the test results or submitting another person’s urine. If the collector suspects the sample is not genuine, this will be noted on the test and could result in the need for a retest.

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Getting drug tested is a part of life and most people will have to go through it at least once in their lifetime. Understanding what to expect helps individuals to avoid feeling overly embarrassed or stressed during Drug Testing in Cincinnati OH.

If you need to schedule drug testing for yourself or an employee, contact Eastside Urgent Care. They offer discreet drug testing services and work to make their patients feel comfortable through the entire process. Call today for further information. You can also follow them on Twitter.

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