Why See Foot Reflexology Therapists in Honolulu HI?

Plantar reflexology through Foot Reflexology Therapists in Honolulu HI helps the body regain its balance. It improves the circulation of vital energy and allows the rebalancing of an organ, a system or a zone of the body, by remote action. Reflexology brings about a revitalization of the body, resulting in an improvement in its functions. It is also a technique of maintenance of health, which acts in a preventive way. Non-painful and non-hazardous to your health, reflexology is a valuable asset whose effects are fast and long-lasting. It is open to all, with no age restrictions. Reflexology is the perfect ally of any person, as it is vital for the balance and harmony of the body.

Reflexology stimulates self-healing ability in case of:

  • Stress, overwork, anxiety, nervousness, tensions, negative energies
  • Insomnia and chronic fatigue
  • Migraines and neuralgia
  • Muscular tension
  • Problems associated with blood or lymphatic circulation
  • Blood pressure
  • Respiratory disorders
  • Immune problems
  • Elimination of toxins

There are contraindications to foot reflexology: trauma and inflammation of the feet, and circulatory disorders (phlebitis and thrombosis). Reflexology is a parallel medicine that treats certain pathologies of the feet and hands. Not being recognized by traditional medicine, this discipline is not regulated, so proceed with caution when choosing Foot Reflexology Therapists in Honolulu HI.

Foot reflexology consists of a gentle massage of the feet done with the fingers by applying pressure to the reflex zones of the arch of the foot. Each reflex zone corresponds to a part of the body or an organ. Considered as a gentle medicine, plantar reflexology makes it possible to locate the tensions of the body and other dysfunctions and then makes them disappear. In addition to its therapeutic aspects, plantar reflexology brings each user a sensation of relaxation.

Chinese plantar reflexology is intended to relieve tension and restore energy balance in the body. It makes it possible to avoid the prescription of medicinal treatments for certain pathologies. An energy balance must precede the Chinese foot reflexology sessions. Digestive disorders, sleep disorders and fatigue can be appeased by Chinese plantar reflexology. For more information on how massage therapy can benefit you, visit today.

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