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People hear a lot about diet and exercise being an important part of healthy living. This is true, but it is not quite so simple and other measures have to be taken. Massage is one of the measures that should be a staple in a healthy lifestyle. Massage therapy has a direct effect on your central nervous system, which controls almost all of your bodily functions.

There is a ton of research and scientific evidence supporting the benefits of these treatments, and more proof mounts by the year. The professionals at are experts in several massage techniques.

The massage technique you choose all depends on your lifestyle, preference, and the underlying health issues you may have. Reflexology foot massage is a great choice for someone suffering from intestinal problems. A lot of research has shown that this technique will bring fresh blood flow to the organs, relieving issues like peptic ulcers and irritable bowel syndrome. Deep tissue massage is perfect for someone looking to loosen up knotted muscles or to relieve delayed onset muscle soreness caused by exercise. And for you athletes, there is Sports massage in Oahu HI. Sports massage will help you recover from intense practice, prevents you from being injured on the field or court, and increases overall mobility and flexibility.

There are also a lot of psychological benefits to getting a proper massage. Every technique, including reflexology, Swedish massage, sports massage, and deep tissue massage have been shown to positively effect hormone levels. Research has proven that cortisol, the stress hormone, drops precipitously during a massage therapy session. On the other hand, a marked increase in the happy hormones serotonin and dopamine has been observed. The effect is soothing and ultimately causes a reduction in both anxiety and depression. With routine treatment, proper diet, and exercise, many psychological issues have been alleviated and even cured.

Now you can see that massage therapy is more than just smoothing out tense muscles or relieving an achy back. The health benefits are numerous and wide ranging. If you are looking for reflexology, deep tissue massage, or Sports massage in Oahu HI take the first step and Visit the Website. You will thank yourself later.

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