The Role Of A Podiatric Surgeon

A podiatric surgeon is a specialist surgeon dedicated to solving problems with patient’s feet, ankles and often the lower leg. A podiatrist in Chicago is often referred to as a “foot doctor” as it identifies their area of specialty. Although there are some surgical procedures that can be undertaken by other surgeons, the specialized training that the podiatrist goes through can enhance the outcome in many cases.

A podiatrist in Chicago deals with a myriad of disorders that affect the lower extremities. Damage to the feet and ankles can often be traced to diabetes, congenital deformity or trauma. There are specialized areas of focus, some podiatrists deal with sports injuries, pediatric problems or problems of the area caused by poor circulation. As is true with many unique medical specialties podiatry and podiatric surgery are paired to ensure that the patient is treated by a practitioner who is trained in both areas.

Regardless of whether they practice in a hospital or a private clinic the podiatric surgeon repairs, reconstructs and corrects problems of the feet and ankles. The podiatrist in Chicago deals with anything from corns and bunions to feet which are badly broken. Although there are many commonalities in podiatric surgery no two cases are exactly alike, as a result the surgeon have a number of approaches that they use as they meet the challenges. The surgeon has at his disposal a variety of tools that are used before surgery is undertaken; these include visual examination, X-Rays and other imaging studies and patient interviews. All of these tools are used to determine what is inside the area so that the best surgical option can be taken.

Not all work is done in the operating room; a podiatric surgeon is often an integral part of the team that assists a patient deal with an ongoing condition. For example, it may be necessary to fit the patient with support shoes or specialized orthotics to promote proper healing after surgery. A podiatrist in Chicago can also be found working alongside other care providers helping to manage the condition that has been identified as the cause of the problem that is leading to surgical intervention. A skilled podiatrist can spot early signs of problems, treating them before they become of major concern.

Podiatric surgeons will usually be board certified; certifying organizations sponsor conferences and offer continuing education so that members are constantly kept abreast of new developments in the field of podiatry.

If you are suffering from problems of the feet, ankles or lower leg you should consult with a podiatrist in Chicago. You are invited to contact Kondiles Chicagoland Footcare team.

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