Tips Before a Vet Visit During the Pandemic

With the ongoing pandemic, precautions need to be taken. Given the surge in pet adoptions, plenty of animal clinics are busy right now. Before you head to your vet, here are a few tips to remember.

Make an Appointment

If you used to drop by the vet without any warning, you’d want to start calling to schedule an appointment before you go. Sharing details about your pet will help reduce the waiting time, too, as it makes it easier for the vet to diagnose and treat your pet. With many vets switching to curbside service, calling ahead is essential.

Wear a Mask

Before you show up at a veterinary hospital in Los Angeles, CA, be sure to wear a mask. If you have been exposed to someone with COVID, or have had COVID yourself, don’t lie about it. That way, the staff can treat your pet while taking precautions to protect their health. Lying will only put the staff in danger. Help them stay safe while they treat your pet.

Stay in the Car

If the clinic offers treatment curbside, stay in the car. While you might think you’re helpful if you step out and assist, you’ll only be breaking social distancing rules. Do your part in reducing exposure and contact.

Be Patient

Everyone is stressed out. Keep in mind that animal clinics are operating while navigating through the changes in the wake of the pandemic. It might take longer than what you’re used to. While you want to rush the exam or treatment, you need to practice COVID-19 protocols. Be patient. If you throw a tantrum, that won’t solve anything.

Bring a Carrier or Leash

The staff will be handling your pets from the entrance, so bring yours in a cage or leash to make it easier for the staff to manage them Angel City Animal Hospital.

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