Mitigate Your Pain: Stem Cell Joint Pain Relief in Portland

Do you need stem cell joint pain relief in Portland? Stem cell therapy is becoming a popular treatment among those who suffer from severe joint pain. Joint pain limits your range of motion and impedes daily living activities. It can keep you up at night, making you feel worse each day. Stem cell therapy is becoming popular, as it is an effective treatment that promotes healing.

What Are Stem Cells?

Unlike physical therapy and medication, stem cell therapy uses the body’s natural healing properties. PRP therapy uses platelets, while stem cell therapy uses stem cells to target the areas of injuries. Stem cells are undifferentiated cells that can replace any differentiated cell in your body. Physicians will extract stem cells from your bone marrow or fat deposits. Once the doctors have successfully extracted your stem cells, they will inject them into the area of injury.

Stem Cell Therapy

Stem cell joint pain relief in Portland is growing increasingly popular because it works quickly. When other forms of treatment fail, stem cell therapy succeeds. Stem cell therapy is not new. It has been used to treat cancer, regrow tissue, and assist burn victims. There is a great amount of scientific and proven research depicting its success rates.

The Costs and Process

The extraction process is complicated, and therefore, the costs of treatment are much higher than other forms of treatment. However, it is much more effective. Professionals at a stem cell pain relief center in Portland will discuss the full process, as well as the recovery time.

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