Take Fitness to the Next Level with the Elite Training Program in Howell NJ

by | Dec 26, 2018 | Fitness Training Center

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Many people strive and work hard to have a healthier, fitter body and lifestyle. However, once reaching a level of fitness, many people want more. An Elite Training Program in Howell NJ can provide a more detailed and comprehensive training program to achieve a higher fitness goal. This training combines endurance, strength, power, and conditioning in one program to create perfect training to reach any fitness goals.


Endurance training helps to build the cardiovascular endurance as well as stamina. This type of training helps to allow a person to exercise for long periods of time without tiring. Gaining endurance is important to possess the ability to perform lengthy physical activities, such as a marathon. These types of exercise can consist of anything that can increase breathing and heart rate for an extended period, such as running, swimming, or bike riding.


Strength training helps build muscles and physical strength. It can also focus on endurance. This training can help define a body or create large muscles. It can also help build bone density. These exercises are used to induce muscle contractions, often with the use of resistance. Weight lifting can be a good example of strength training. However, there are other exercises that can give various areas of the body focused strength training, such as push-ups and squats.


Power training is similar to strength training in that it helps build muscles and the ability to increase a person’s maximum force. However, it is not the same. Power training is the next step beyond strength train. In strength training, one is attempting to increase their ability to perform certain tasks, such as lifting heavier weights. Power training is applying that ability and increasing the efficiency of that ability to perform it in a shorter time frame. Plyometric drills can be beneficial in this training.


Conditioning training is a type of training that prepares the body and teaches it to perform certain tasks. Cardiovascular conditioning, for example, trains the body’s cardiovascular system to handle intense activity. When at its peak, the heart can push more blood in an efficient manner. Conditioning is a vital part of an Elite Training Program in Howell NJ. For more information about training, visit themaxchallenge.com.

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