What To Look For In A Personal Trainer

by | Jun 10, 2020 | Fitness Training Center

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In the world of online courses, anyone can get online, get a certification, and call themselves a personal trainer. Even then, it takes a highly skilled and passionate individual to achieve the kinds of personal trainer excellence levels that change the lives of clients. When looking for a personal trainer in Markham On, their credentials will be just as important as their character. The best trainers are those that exhibit the following characteristics;


Personal trainers provide one of the most hands-on services anywhere. They deal with clients who need their help getting comfortable in their own skin, and their job is to meet the client at their point of need. Everyone’s needs are different, so ultimately the personal trainer’s job requires enough humility and a servant attitude to put the client before themselves.

Listening skills

The personal trainer job by its very nature requires a lot of talking and the giving of clear instructions from the trainer to the client. Still, the best trainers are those that in the midst of all this are able to listen to their clients. The trainer should not only listen to their client for the sake of feedback but also gain an interest in what goes on in their lives. Circumstances in a client’s life heavily impact the success of the fitness program and must be understood. If the trainer is doing their job well, then the client must feel understood at all levels.


Nobody wants to be stuck with a trainer with a know-it-all attitude. Unfortunately, the fitness world is full of such individuals. Trainers who already think they know everything turns the customers off and will have no space in their minds for feedback from them or for the improvement of their technique.


It might seem glamorous on the good days, but there will be days when you need that extra motivation to get to the gym, even with time and opportunity available. A good personal trainer should be able to encourage their clients to overcome that lethargy through their own energy and optimism. It is this optimism that will keep you on track through the difficult months as you hit your weight loss and fitness targets.

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