State-of-the-Art Pet Clinic in Rancho Bernardo

Just as humans need to see a doctor from time to time, so do pets. Whether it be a checkup or a treatment for illness that a pet requires, all pet owners should have a trusted pet clinic where their pet can be taken for preventative or acute care as necessary. One example of preventative care that all pet owners should seek out for their pets on a yearly basis is the wellness visit. During a wellness visit, a physical examination and diagnostic tests are given and preventative treatments are dispensed.

Physical Examination

The physical examination includes gathering information about a pet, including its lifestyle, diet, age, and breed. The pet’s weight, temperature, and pulse are measured as well. Eyes and ears are examined, as well as the skin and teeth, and the pet’s body is often palpated to check for any abnormalities. At the end of the physical examination, the veterinarian is able to give an overall picture of the pet’s health.

Diagnostic Tests

Once the physical examination is concluded, a variety of diagnostic tests are run. These tests can include heartworm testing, fecal examination, urinalysis, and blood work. Most of the tests can be conducted and the results interpreted on-site, however sometimes it is necessary to send a sample to an outside laboratory. The results of the diagnostic tests give the veterinarian a deeper picture of the pet’s health.

Preventative Treatments

Based on the results of the physical examination and diagnostic tests, the veterinarian is able to give recommendations for preventative treatment for the pet. These treatments usually include parasite control and vaccinations. A specific diet or type of food may also be suggested. The veterinarian might discuss options for pet identification, such as micro-chipping. Finally, a plan for follow-up is discussed if necessary, and an appointment is made for the next wellness visit.

The Animal Emergency Clinic of San Diego is a state-of-the-art Pet Clinic in Rancho Bernardo capable of handling pet wellness visits, as well as other preventative and acute care for pets. The highly trained and professional staff offer wide variety of services and diagnostic tests. Visit website for more information.

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