How Orthotics Can be Beneficial to People That Suffer from Foot Issues

by | May 2, 2018 | Pain Management

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Orthotics is powerful in keeping joints in alignment, changing the way we walk and correcting any foot deformities. It provides additional support to the feet far beyond the support provided by tendons and ligaments. If someone has a painful flat foot, orthotics can help support the ligaments and tendons on the feet to hold up the arch.

Why you Need Orthotics
Apart from supporting and raising the arch, orthotics realigns your ankles and feet in an attempt to restore the function of your feet. It can also relieve pressure from sensitive parts of your feet by redistributing your weight. Overpronation is a common cause of issues related to lower back pain. People spend a lot of time walking on hard surfaces, and this causes the toes to splay inward. If this continues for a long period of time, people start to experience backaches and other symptoms. Orthotics can be a huge help.

Comfort in Mind
All orthotics are designed to ensure that the user is very comfortable. Podiatrists prescribe orthotics as a way of correcting abnormal foot placement. It helps you to walk, run and stand comfortably without any pain. People with foot issues experience stress around their hip and knee joints and it affects their posture. Treatment plans will work to alleviate these symptoms.

Easily identify foot issues
It is easy to identify some foot issues which require orthotics. Take a look at the sole of your shoes and check to see if one is more worn out than the other. Does your foot toe-in or toe-out? Do you experience chronic pain in your heels, lower back, or knee? Contact an experienced podiatrist if you experience any of the issues mentioned. Schedule an appointment with Back in Balance Clinic today if you are experiencing issues with your feet.

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