Determining If You Need Urgent Care for Lower Back Pain in St. Louis, MO

If you are dealing with lower back pain in St. Louis, MO, you may experience a variety of symptoms. The pain could be a dull ache, or it may have a stabbing or shooting sensation. Some individuals have a hard time getting into a comfortable position. It may be hard to stand up straight or move around.

Lower back pain in St. Louis, MO, could be acute. This means that it recently started. You likely can identify the reason why you are dealing with the pain. For example, you may have injured your lower back when lifting a heavy box or playing sports. The pain may be chronic. Chronic pain is pain that you have experienced for at least three months. It is recommended that you visit a medical professional if you have been dealing with mild to moderate pain for more than 72 hours. Of course, if the pain is worse, you want to consult a medical professional right away.

It can be difficult to determine when you should get urgent care. One thing to consider is why you are dealing with back pain. If you fell or were seriously injured, getting urgent attention from a medical professional is recommended. If you have lower back pain along with leg weakness, bladder or bowel control problems, a fever, or pain when urinating or coughing, you need urgent care.

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