6 Ways to Prepare for a Facelift Surgery

Before you go ahead with facelift surgery in Chicago IL, here are a few things you need to know.

Make sure you’re healthy enough

Disclose your medical history to your plastic surgeon before anything else. If you have health problems, it’s important to let your doctor know. That way, s/he can accurately assess your condition. Don’t think about lying to your doctor. You could end up suffering from complications because of your poor decision.

Ask about the procedure

Before you undergo a facelift surgery in Chicago IL, be sure to ask about the procedure. Know what’s going to be done. If there’s anything you don’t understand, don’t hesitate to ask your surgeon to explain it in detail.

Know the risks

Don’t say yes to the procedure without knowing the risks. A good surgeon will provide you with both the pros and cons of the surgery. Be sure you ask about the possible complications of the procedure too like infection and scars. By knowing all these things, you know the full extent of what you’re saying yes to when you agree to go through with the procedure.

Know what you want

Be sure to discuss this with your surgeon, says VeryWell. It’s important that you and your surgeon are on the same page. You should also know the limitations of the surgery. That way, you can adjust your expectations to make sure they’re realistic.

Ask about alternatives

There may be other procedures that could be done. Ask your surgeon about these options. That way, you can pick out the best one. Discuss them thoroughly with your doctor to help you decide.

Prepare for recovery

You will need to set aside at least a week or two for your recovery. After this, the swelling and bruising should subside, allowing you to return to work.

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