Questions to Ask When Searching for a Family Physician

Parents looking for a new Family Practice Doctor in Andover Kansas have a lot of options, from hospitals and clinics to an individual doctor’s office. With so many options, however, they may feel overwhelmed. Below are some questions parents can ask of doctors and their staff. These will help determine who will provide the best treatment for their families.

  *     Does the doctor accept your insurance? The Affordable Care Act has increased coverage to Americans, but it is not a foolproof system. It is better to ask now than be billed later.

  *     Will the doctor provide care for your newborn? Some family physicians leave this area to neonatal specialists. However, good family physicians are willing to examine and treat even the youngest children, and refer them to a specialist when necessary.

  *     Does the doctor’s office provide the full regimen of pediatric shots, boosters, and immunizations? A nasty cold can easily spread throughout a family. So can more serious diseases like flu and pneumonia. Parents need to make sure their family physician can treat them quickly.

  *     Is your doctor available in an emergency? Acute appointments and call services are there to ensure a patient’s well-being 24 hours a day. Good physicians understand emergencies don’t just happen during business hours.

  *     Is the doctor linked to other, similar physicians or specialist organizations? This question speaks to the doctor’s reputation. It also ensures a sick family member can receive treatment if their primary doctor is out of town.

  *     Does the doctor interact well with each member of the family? It can be a challenge to treat different age groups, but a good family physician should be up to that challenge. In this case, word-of-mouth can tell you a lot. Ask around.

Clinics like Wichita Family Medicine Specialists LLC are able to provide a full range of services, from check-ups and shots to minor surgery. Doctors who have built large, successful practices clearly have their advantages, but it may be harder to get appointments with them. An excellent staff will be able to reduce this problem. Finding a Family Practice Doctor in Andover Kansas can be made easier when parents ask these questions. The best doctors and staff are willing to answer them without hesitation because they know your family’s health is at stake.

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