Evaluating The Different Reproductive Surgery In San Antonio, TX

In Texas, women undergo an examination to determine the cause of infertility. Once the underlying cause is identified, a doctor identifies the most effective form of treatment. For many women, Reproductive Surgery in San Antonio TX is necessary to achieve conception.

What is Tuboplasty?

Tuboplasty is a procedure in which the surgery removes blockages that have formed around the fallopian tubes. The type of blockage and its location determine how the surgery is performed. If it is at the ends of the tubes or is proximal occlusion, the doctor could perform laparoscopic surgery. If it is located at the point where the tubes connect to the uterus itself, hysteroscopic surgery is needed. The point of the surgery is to open the tubes and allow natural conception.

What is Tubal Anastomosis?

Tubal anastomosis is the restoration of the fallopian tubes. The procedure is performed on women who have undergone a tubal ligation. The procedure is performed on an inpatient based. The tubes are reconstructed to allow natural reproduction. The procedure is similar to microsurgery and requires an extensive recovery period.

Removing Fibroid Tumors

A family history of fibroid tumors or cysts requires surgical removal of these developments. Patients who experience these developments often may have polycystic ovary syndrome. This condition causes the production of severe cysts in each ovary. This could complication reproduction by blocking the fallopian tubes. These developments require surgical removal to allow natural passage of reproductive fluids.

What is Endometriosis?

Endometriosis is a condition in which uterus tissue grows outside the organ. This could lead to severe pelvic pain and an inability to become pregnant. Treatment for this condition requires the removal of the exterior tissue developments and adhesions. This condition could cause issues with the intestines and urinary complications.

A wide array of conditions could contribute to a woman’s inability to conceive. Some conditions could correct themselves over time. However, the most complex developments require surgery to eliminate blockages in or around the fallopian tubes. Women who underwent a tubal ligation require reconstructive surgery to restore their ability to reproduce. Women who need Reproductive Surgery in San Antonio TX should Schedule An Appointment today.

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