Lifting Your Eye Lids with Botox

Many people when they start age notice that their eye lids become droopier and make them look older and less energized. This can be a huge confidence killer to some people so they try many different methods to lift their eye lids to make them look young again. These methods often including things such as “miracle creams” which be a large waste of money and a huge disappointment. But a proven, better way to make yourself look younger and full of energy is to get Botox. Using Botox to lift your eye lids in Sarasota FL is a method that provides amazing results that will make you happy you chose Botox instead of any other method.

How it Works

Using Botox to lift your Eye Lids in Sarasota FL is a process that is simple and quickly done. You will talk to your surgeon about how much you want your eye lids lifted and the cost of the procedure. Once all of that is done, then the doctor will simply inject Botox into the muscles below your eyebrows that pull your eyebrows down. By doing that, the muscles above your eyebrows will pull them up further and your eyelids will be lifted. The great thing about this procedure is that not only do those injections lift your eyelids, it also removes the wrinkles at the edge of your eyes, commonly called crow’s feet, and if inserted in the correct place, can remove and frowning lines in between your eyebrows because the muscles causing those wrinkles are now more relaxed.

Side Effects

Just like any other procedure, there can be some possible side effects that go along with Botox. While these are minor side effects, it is still important to monitor them for length and level of severity. The most common side effects are minor pain, swelling, redness, itchiness, and slight bruising on or around the area of injection.

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