Calculating the Value of Surrogate Mother Costs in Dallas, TX

by | Oct 9, 2019 | Health

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The option of surrogacy can be a wonderful way for people to become parents when they cannot become pregnant or carry a baby to term. This priceless method of achieving parenthood has become more popular today, and many states now have more surrogacy-friendly laws on the books that differ depending on the state.

The Gift of a Surrogate Birth Is Priceless

It can be helpful for prospective intended parents to calculate the value of surrogacy services, including the expected surrogate mother cost, to aid in the decision-making and planning processes. Although most prospective parents that desire to grow their family by way of a surrogate birth would say that the gift of a child through surrogacy is a priceless service that cannot be given a dollar amount, it still is wise to plan ahead for the upcoming expenses especially for intended parents who are on a stricter budget.

Some Things Allowed for Some Surrogate Mother Costs

All states have different laws regarding the legally allowed or restricted surrogacy costs that may be paid to a surrogate mother. Some commonly included allowed surrogate costs in surrogate-friendly states include medical costs, IVF fees, pregnancy clothing, surrogacy-related medications, and some transportation costs. It is smart to contact a reputable surrogacy agency in your state to determine these costs more precisely.

Can Parent Rights Be Established Before a Surrogacy Birth?

In some states, intended parents can file for parental rights before the baby being carried by a surrogate mother is even born. Other states require that the intended parents file formal adoption papers after the child is born. Still, other states have restrictions on these matters. Some legal fees may be allowed.

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