Miscellaneous Services That You Can Get for Your Pet in Albany Park

by | Oct 24, 2019 | Animal hospital

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As a pet owner, you know that you have to take your cat or dog in for yearly exams and vaccinations. However, you may not realize that your vet clinic in Albany Park can offer a host of other services that can make your duties as a responsible pet owner easier.

When you need specialized care for your animal companion, you do not necessarily have to go to a groomer or a pet salon. Your regular vet could offer miscellaneous services for which you normally would pay others.

Nail Clipping

A vet clinic in Albany Park can offer nail clipping services to pet owners like you. Clipping your pet’s nails can be nerve-wracking. You might be afraid that you will cut too close to the quick on the nail and cause bleeding and pain for your cat or dog.

Instead of trying to steady your hand and do the clipping yourself, you can entrust this job to veterinarian professionals. Vet assistants and vets can clip your pet’s nails for you so that your cat or dog escapes injury but also has nails that will not scratch you or dig into the flooring or upholstery.

Ear and Teeth Cleaning

You also can get your pet’s ears and teeth cleaned at a vet’s office. Normally you would have your pet groomer handle these tasks for you. However, when the salon is busy or you want the job done by professional animal handlers, you can entrust these cleanings to your vet office’s staff.

The vet office has the equipment and cleaning products on hand to make your pet’s teeth and ears clean. These cleanings also help your pet avoid infections like abscesses.

You can find out more about services at a vet clinic in Albany Park online. Contact Portage Park Animal Hospital & Dental Clinic.

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