Hunting The Elusive State Of Wellbeing In The 21st Century

by | Jan 4, 2016 | Chiropractic

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In today’s hectic environment, it’s all too easy to lose yourself and your way to happiness. People find all kinds of ways to excuse themselves from prioritizing their wellbeing – they go on to say that they don’t have enough time, that they don’t have the resources, or that they’re simply far too busy to think about something as trivial as their own feelings.

But prioritizing your well-being is more than just a question of convenience or luxury – it’s an actual necessity. According to, the number one psychological disorder in the western world is depression. Up to a fifth of people experience its effects – up roughly ten times from the estimates in 1945.

Much of today’s medicine tries to tackle a problem by fighting the symptoms – drugs are used to suppress the body’s reactions to lifestyle choices, while alternative lifestyle choices are prescribed as “recommended” options, rather than absolute necessities. Today’s health care approach is segmented and broken, going for immediate or temporary wellness, rather than holistic wellness.

A Wholesome Approach to Health

But what does holistic wellness mean? As clinics like Gonino Wellness showcase, it’s a wholesome approach to health – rather than focusing on a single cog or gear, a holistic approach tries to determine the state of the entire apparatus. In the case of us humans, holistic healing involves physical therapies, but also comes with emotional healing, psychological healing, and social healing.

A Hands-On Approach

Holistic doctors take a hands-on individualistic approach with each patient, identifying their habits, helping them reboot their lives through mental and physical detoxification, and helping them find a balance in life wherein they can function normally within society but attain a new level of self-control and discipline.

There is no real excuse for any healthy person to ignore improving their overall health. The only limiting factor to your health and happiness is yourself. A holistic doctor doesn’t try to turn you into a client – they turn you into the best version of yourself, and help you stay that way.

Taking Everything into Consideration

Sometimes, contemporary medicine doesn’t agree with you. Your health and the treatments you select doesn’t have to conform to western standards – you can seek out acupuncturists and chiropractors, and experience the very real physical benefits of a rigorous yoga program, or explore the wonders of centuries of internal martial arts distilled into the art of Tai Chi. A holistic approach to wellness takes all treatment options into account – even the ones that are too quickly discredited by the rest of the medical community. You can also like them on Facebook.

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