The Interaction Of Massage And Reflexology Courses In Ithaca

While most people are familiar with the use of massage therapy in recovery, healing and general wellness and well-being, they are not as aware of what reflexology is and just how it works.

In fact, many of the top massage therapy programs in Ithaca include reflexology courses and other types of specialized holistic treatment and healing methods in their training. As reflexology can be used in combination with massage, this is a natural match for anyone to consider to add to their resume and to continue to learn how to help people dealing with pain, tension and health issues.

The Basics of Reflexology

For those that aren’t sure of the difference, reflexology uses gentle and specific types of pressure on particular areas of the feet, hands and even the ears to address symptoms experienced throughout the body.

The premise of reflexology is that the body is connected through a complex set of nerves. By applying pressure to specific areas of the termination of those nerves, in the hands and the feet and in the ears, signals are sent to that specific area of the body that causes a positive healing effect for the client.

Massage, which is very different, uses rhythmic motions of the hands and fingers of the therapist to manipulate soft tissue in the area of the pain or discomfort. There are many different types of massages used for particular parts of the body, but they all use the motion of the therapist’s hands to provide the internal changes in tension, blood flow and tissue manipulation.

Overlap of Information

When taking both massage and reflexology courses, there will be overlap in foundational education and understanding. This includes subjects such as anatomy and physiology as issues with dealing with specific types of pain, particularly of those in the foot and lower leg and how this can be managed in treatment.

Additionally, in most of the top reflexology courses, students will also focus their studies on the importance of internal balance and energy flow through the body. Those studying the Shiatsu massage techniques will find more of an overlap in information than those practicing the more traditional western or Swedish style of massage.

There are only a few facilities in Ithaca and surrounding areas offering reflexology courses from highly trained and recognized professionals. Before taking any courses, be sure to research the facility and choose the one offering recognized instructors.

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