The Basics of Lower Back Pain Symptoms

The lower back supports most of your upper body weight and aids in enabling a person to remain mobile for everyday living functions. The lower back consists of interconnecting bones, ligaments, joints, nerves, and muscles all working together. This is why injury can occur easily and has the ability to cause severe discomfort and pain.

What causes the pain?

Most but not all acute lower back pain is caused from injury to joints, ligaments, discs, or muscles. With the vast amount of nerves in the lower back, sometimes the brain can misinterpret what signals it is being sent making pinpointing issues quite difficult. It can also cause your nerves to send false synapses to your brain, causing pain.

What you may experience

Identifying and describing the pain you experience is important when seeking physicians who understand lower back pain in Jacksonville FL. There are several types of pain you may experience when dealing with lower back pain. A few of them are:

• Dull, aching pain. This pain typically remains in the lower back. It can be associated with mild to severe muscles spasms, limited mobility and possible aches in the hips and pelvis.

• Pain that travels down the buttocks, legs, and feet. This kind of pain is oftentimes described as sharp, tingling, and stinging. It is sometimes associated with a numbing sensation. Commonly known as Sciatica, this is caused from irritation to the sciatic nerve and most commonly affects one primary side of the body.

Of course, there are other forms of back pain and different degrees of pain. Speaking with your physician and detailing your pain is the best way to discover which issue you are suffering from.

Finding help

If you suffer from lower back pain in the Jacksonville FL, the professionals at Chiropractic Injury Solutions are waiting to hear from you. Equipped with the latest techniques, their courteous and professional staff are waiting to assist you with your lower back pain.

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