How To Prepare For Breast Reduction Surgery In Chicago

Being well informed and fully prepared for any surgery is the best way to ensure you have a speedy and healthy recovery. There are many things that patients need to keep in mind in the months, weeks and days leading up to their procedure. In that light, never be afraid to ask as many questions as you have about the upcoming procedure. Knowing how to prepare for breast reduction surgery in Chicago will help you take the steps you need for a smooth procedure and a fast recovery.

Arrange For Physical And Emotional Support

Immediately after the surgery, you will be incredibly sore. In addition to taking pain medication as prescribed by your surgeon, arrange to have a friend or family member stay with you to provide some physical support. Everyday chores such as cooking or washing dishes may be painful at first. Having somebody with you who can help will encourage a fast recovery. Many patients report feeling over-emotional following these types of surgical procedures. Speak with friends or family members about this possibility, and arrange to have him or her on standby should you need some emotional support.

Follow Your Doctor’s Instructions

Prior to surgery, your doctor will meet with you to discuss the operation. This pre-surgical discussion is an excellent time to ask any questions you may have about preparing for and recovering from, the surgery. Your doctor will also give you a few lists of instructions: one set to follow before the surgery and one set to follow after. Be sure to abide by his or her recommendations, even if they are difficult or seem silly. Remember that your doctor would not recommend these strategies if he or she did not think they were necessary.

Stock Your Shelves

You should plan on grocery shopping a day or two before your surgery. Be sure to get as many items as you may need during your recovery period. Include a stop at your local drug store, to pick up any prescriptions you will need in the coming weeks.

To learn more about how to prepare for breast reduction surgery in Chicago, contact The Michael Horn Center For Cosmetic Surgery.

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