You Can Receive Sports Rehabilitation At An Immediate Care Center

An affordable, if not cost-effective way, to receive pain management and sports rehabilitation is by visiting an immediate care center that offers this medical option. For anyone who is suffering from acute to chronic pain or pain that results from physical exercise or sports, a number of treatments are available. These treatments may include sympathetic nerve blocks, joint injections, or trigger point injections.

How Sympathetic Nerve Blocks Are Used

When used in sports rehabilitation, sympathetic nerve blocks are used to control chronic discomfort and pain. The therapy targets the sympathetic nervous system. This system is comprised of a series of nerves that span from the spine and are used to control involuntary functioning. The functions include circulation, perspiration, and digestion.

When applied to sports rehabilitation injuries, then a sympathetic nerve block can be used to diagnose or treat pain involving the nervous system. Conditions that benefit from nerve blocks include the following:

  • Pain that originates from spasms in the blood vessels
  • Complex regional pain syndrome
  • Raynaud’s syndrome
  • Chronic stomach pain
  • Excessive perspiration

Where Nerve Blocks Are Applied

In order to use a nerve block, the doctor or healthcare provider first locates the site for the block. The sympathetic nerves are represented by thick networks called ganglions. So, if your pain emanates from the upper part of the body, a nerve block might be applied by blocking the stellate ganglion that occurs in the neck area. If the pain is felt in the lower body, a ganglion adjacent to the lower spine may be used for blocking.

Before a nerve block is applied, your healthcare provider will usually ask about the medicines you are currently taking, including supplements. He or she will also ask you if you suffer from allergies. Some patients are instructed to fast for around six hours before a nerve block is applied.

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