How to Prepare for a Male Breast Reduction Naperville Procedure

by | Mar 14, 2024 | Cosmetic Surgery

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Some men have enlarged breast tissue, and the condition has afflicted a considerable percentage of the general population. If you have enlarged male breast tissue, you can opt for a male breast reduction Naperville surgery. Here, you’ll learn more about how you can prepare for the male breast reduction procedure.

Preparing for the Male Breast Reduction Surgery

If you opt for surgery, you must learn how to prepare for the procedure. While the plastic surgeon will offer some guidance, there are different tips that each patient should be aware of before the surgeon carries out the breast reduction procedure, and they include:

1. Determine Your Expectations from the Procedure

The main goal is to reduce the breast tissue; however, you may need to address additional issues during the surgery. Some of these issues include the repositioning of the nipples and the removal of excess skin. Also, if you have additional aesthetic concerns, you may require additional procedures.

2. Select the Right Surgeon

As you prepare for the male breast reduction procedure, you need to ensure that the surgeon administering the procedure is board-certified. Since male breast reduction surgery has gained popularity over the years, numerous surgeons can administer the procedure; however, the quality of service will vary from one professional to another. Opt for a surgeon with a positive reputation and ample experience for satisfactory results. You should also understand that breast reduction is also a common procedure among women. As a result, you should ensure that the surgeon carrying out the procedure can reshape your chest to have a more masculine appearance.

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