How Hip Joint Injections May Aid Pain Relief

The hip joint is an extremely large joint in the body, where the pelvis and leg join together. When this joint experiences issues such as mechanical stress, injury or arthritis, it can result in hip, leg, lower back or buttock pain.

In some cases, a hip joint injection in Tampa area may be considered for patients who suffer from these symptoms. This type of injection will help to minimize the pain and provide a diagnosis for the underlying cause of the issue.

The Purpose of Injections in the Hip Joint
These injections involve putting medicine right into the joint. They can help to alleviate the discomfort by:

  • Diagnostic function: When medicine is placed right into the joint the total amount of pain relief will help to determine whether or not the joint is the source of the pain. If total pain relief is present while the joint is numb, then the joint is going to the source of the pain.
  • Pain relief function: IN addition to the numbing product, there is also a time-release cortisone that can be placed into the joints to help and reduce total inflammation. This often offers long-term relief from the pain.

The Hip Joint’s Anatomy
The actual hip joint uses a ball and socket and the location where the person’s thigh meets their pelvis. The top portion of the person’s thigh is a round ball that fits into the socket that is formed by the space in the pelvic bone.

The ball will be held in place with a group of ligaments that form a type of capsule around the joint. This capsule will contain synovial fluid, which is what acts as a lubricant. Also, there is cartilage between the tow to prevent friction. When any of these parts are not in place or damaged, it can cause severe pain.

The Injection Procedure
When the injection is placed into the hip, the injection is guided with a live x-ray to ensure it goes into the right location. This will help ensure accuracy. Also, when having this procedure done, you should avoid any type of strenuous activity during the day. This will help to give the injection time to work.

If you are suffering from hip pain, then taking the time to discuss the benefits of hip injections can be quite beneficial. This may help to alleviate the pain being experienced for good.

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