Four Recovery Tips for Cataract Surgery in Murrieta CA

by | Nov 8, 2023 | Optometrist

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Cataracts cause blurred vision that makes it difficult to see even nearby surroundings. In order to enhance vision and reduce blurriness, these cataracts will need to be removed. This is done via a cataract surgery. Cataract surgery in Murrieta CA is a common procedure, but it does take some time to recover from. By following these four recovery tips, patients who undergo the surgery can make their recovery go as smooth as possible.

Hire a Caregiver

Immediately following the surgery, the eyes should not be exposed to light. This means the person who had their cataracts removed will not be able to drive themselves home. Hiring a caregiver for the recovery time after surgery will ensure there is someone not only available to drive, but also to assist with daily tasks for the first day, and up to a week later.

Refrain from Straining

An incision is made in the eye to remove the cataracts. This incision can split open if the patient is straining too much. This even includes straining while in the bathroom. Bending down, so the head reaches below the waist can also make the incision open, as well as lifting more than 10 pounds.

Wear Sunglasses

Sunglasses should be worn as much as possible during the first week or so following the procedure. It will help the eyes, so they do not have to strain to see, and will keep light out. If sunglasses do not seem to be working, then an eye patch should be worn instead.

Take Antibiotics as Prescribed

Patients should be prescribed an antibiotic that will help fight off any infection. It is important to take this as described so the eyes can heal properly.

Cataract Surgery in Murrieta CA will help those suffering from clouded, blurred vision. The old lens will be removed from the eye while a new, man-made lens is put in its place. Not only will this eliminate the cloudiness, but it will also improve overall vision and limit reliance on glasses since the new lens is stronger. Adults currently suffering from cataracts can speak to an eye surgeon about using surgery to have them removed. Visit Temecula Eye Center Optometry to find out more about the procedure and how soon it can be completed.

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