What Services Can Therapists in Branford Provide?

If you are struggling with your mental health, know that you are not alone. Every day, many of your neighbors in Branford and beyond seek the services of a therapist or other mental health professional (while many more are still working up the courage to do so). There are many therapists in Branford and they provide many different services.

If you are going through a tough time with your mental health, here is some of the support you may expect from a therapist.

Talk Therapy

Most therapists in Branford offer talk therapy, the most basic form of therapy. In this type of therapy, clients visit their therapists and talk during a session about what is bothering them. However, the outcome is far from simple. Through talk therapy, people reach the root causes of their problems, address problematic patterns for their behavior, and simply find an outlet.

If you just need someone to listen to you talk about what is bothering you, or don’t know where to start, this is a good thing to search for.

PTSD Services

Some mental health conditions, such as PTSD, require additional levels of support. Larger centers such as the Center for NeuroPotential will have designated PTSD centers with trauma-informed therapists and treatment options specifically for PTSD, such as EMDR.


If you don’t have time to commute to a therapist’s office because of your busy schedule or you don’t feel safe with someone seeing you there, look for a therapist that offers telehealth. Telehealth appointments take place online and you can get help from the comfort of your own home.

These are just some of the services therapists in Branford can provide.

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