The Benefits of the Affordable Care Act in Oklahoma

The introduction of the Affordable Care Act by the Obama Administration changed healthcare in the United States. More than 20 million people who were uninsured now have health insurance. The ACA had more positive effects than adding health insurance to millions of American’s lives. Instead, a positive approach to life has been encouraged, with breastfeeding mothers enjoying the right to express milk during breaks at work. There are plenty of positives surrounding the Affordable Care Act in Oklahoma to consider.

Coverage for Those with Preexisting Conditions

The Affordable Care Act introduced a new way for insurance providers to consider covering those with preexisting conditions. The ACA made it difficult for insurers to remove individuals from coverage because of pre-existing conditions. Without the Affordable Care Act, estimates show more than 135 million Americans would be barred from accessing affordable health insurance.

Enjoy Rebates After being Overcharged

Oklahomans have enjoyed one of the benefits of the Affordable Care Act in the form of rebates from insurance carriers. Before the Affordable Care Act was codified into law, insurance carriers were not required to issue rebates after overcharging patients. In 2019, insurance carriers returned $1.37 billion in overcharges to Americans.

Low-Income Individuals Enjoy Health Insurance

The Affordable Care Act in Oklahoma has helped provide access to healthcare for people in low-income jobs. Expanding access to health insurance has helped create a healthier community capable of improving the state’s economy.

To learn more about the Affordable Care Act, residents of Oklahoma can Every Health Group,LLC at

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