Critical Information about a Joint Restoration Center in Voorhees, NJ

A joint is the location connecting two or more bones together, and is the point of your body responsible for providing support and help in the movement of the knee, hip, elbow, and shoulder. A disease or an injured joint may cause joint pain and interfere with the movement of your body, and many conditions can cause this problem. A joint restoration center is a facility dedicated to the active treatment of this problem and is designed to restore and replace joints as necessary.

Reduce Pain

A joint restoration center in Voorhees, NJ will work with you to come up with a treatment plan unique to your condition and situation. It is with restoration treatment that you can take a conservative approach to pain relief and promote healing, which is beneficial in many capacities, especially for daily movement and comfort. Such therapy may include rest, modifying activities, physical therapy, medications, and perhaps a procedure.


There are many conditions that might cause you to check out us for help, and you can also choose to visit your local joint restoration center for information. Some procedures that may help joint damage include osteotomy, performed when the knee joint is damaged due to osteoarthritis, and tendon repair, which is necessary when tendons of the kneecap require sewing back together. These techniques actively work to restore and rejuvenate damaged or injured joints with the primary goal of reducing or eliminating your pain in the future.

Additional procedures may include resurfacing surgery, a type of hip resurfacing used to replace and cap the damaged hip ball with a metal prosthesis so it can glide in the socket more easily. This will not require the complete replacement of the hip ball, but rather just a portion of the surface used in movement. It is recommended for younger patients because it will be less likely to dislocate, unlike a total hip replacement.

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