Your Chicago Veterinarian Offers Preventative Appointments For Dogs

Taking your pet to the Chicago veterinarian may not seem like fun, as they usually take longer and may cost more. However, it doesn’t have to be long, drawn out or difficult if you stick to annual checkups and get the recommended vaccines. However, vets can also handle a wide variety of quick tasks that are necessary and helpful. Plus, it may reduce the need for emergency visits and other problems.

Remove Ticks/Medicate

If you see a tick on your dog or cat, it’s important to remove it properly to reduce the spread of infection and prevent irritation. However, ticks are hard to remove because they burrow their heads into the skin. If you bring your pet to your local Chicago veterinarian, they’ll be able to remove it professionally because they have the tools and knowledge required to get the head out of the skin. Likewise, they can offer tick/flea medication to prevent ticks from attaching to your pet at all.

Cut Nails

Long nails are annoying for humans and pets. They can scratch furniture and sometimes be painful if they’re very long. Plus, long nails lead to postural problems, as well. When your vet checks your pooch, they’re likely to cut the nails, but your pet may need this service more than once a year.

Clean Ears

Your dog’s ears are sensitive, and when a build-up of ear wax happens, they’re more susceptible to ear infections and other problems. Vets can clean your dog’s ears safely, use ear drops, and perform an examination. If you happen to notice that your dog is shaking their head or scratching/biting at their ears, it may be important to see the vet as soon as possible for a routine cleaning.

A Chicago veterinarian doesn’t just give shots and help with emergencies but can handle routine tasks, as well. Visit Village West Veterinary now to find out more.

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