Sinus Pain Relief From an Ear Nose And Throat Doctor in Bethlehem, PA

Allergies are blamed for frequent stuffiness, sinus pressure and pain and a sore throat. This is the case for some people, but those who suffer the problem throughout the year and find only minimal relief from allergy remedies may need to see an ENT. In fact, these specialists are often able to help even if allergies are the culprit.

Solving Stuffy Noses

People with stuffy noses that never seem to drain completely may have nasal polyps. An Ear Nose And Throat Doctor in Bethlehem PA can diagnose this problem quickly and treat it effectively. Nasal polyps are non-cancerous bumps that appear in the nasal cavity and cause pressure on the face and make the nose feel full. Sinus infections, cold and allergies cause the polyps to grow. A steroidal nasal spray may shrink the polyps successful. If not, surgical removal is simple and very low-risk and is done on an out-patient basis.

Eliminating Sinus Pressure

Chronic sinusitis is an inflammation of the lining of the sinuses. Some people suffer due to allergies and others have problems like a deviated septum or nasal polyps. Allergy medications may relieve the inflammation for a period of time, but it will not cure the problem. Surgery to repair the deviated septum, repair the tissue lining the sinuses or open up the sinuses more to allow fluid to drain may be needed. Any bacterial or fungal infections diagnosed are treated first before surgical solutions are considered, whenever possible.

Curing Sore Throats

Many people with chronic sinus problems also suffer from sore throats. Visiting an ENT will take care of that misery too. They will examine the throat to make certain that solving the sinus problem will cure the throat issue. Additional common issues like acid reflux and infections may also be to blame. They will determine the cause and find the most effective treatment option.

Allergy-related sinus issues may require more than an ENT. Treating the allergies can prevent a return of infections and nasal polyps. This is why some ENT clinics also offer allergy services to provide the most comprehensive treatment possible. Visit  to learn more about problems with the head, face and neck and where to find relief.

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