Women Have Different Reasons for not Seeking Treatment

There have been many studies done the show that women who use drugs have more and different difficulties than men do. Strange as it may sound female addicts do more drugs than men, and seem to prefer harder drugs than males do which almost seems to suggest that biologically women might be hardwired toward addiction. There is also the fact that many women become addicted to drugs because they live with men who are either addicted themselves or who deal for a living. Many factors contribute to addiction in women in their treatment needs differ from men, but there is women’s addiction treatment available in Oklahoma specifically for them.

Who Will Care for the Children

Many women are afraid to seek treatment because they have children and they don’t know who will care for them. They may have family and relatives that they could ask, but that would then require having to admit to their addiction. There is also always a fear that a governmental agency will step in and take charge of the children and that she will have to fight to prove her competency in order to regain custody. That leaves many women stuck between a rock and a hard place. She’s addicted and because of that she is unable to properly care for her to children or she seeks treatment and risk losing her children.

The Fear of Losing Her Relationship

For women one of the greatest fears they have is being left alone. A woman might feel that if she goes into treatment a relationship that is already in trouble may just disintegrate entirely and she will have to face the world alone. One of the greatest things she will learn once she gets clean is that she is entirely capable of standing on her own two feet. Vizown Advanced Residential Treatment & Recovery Center for Women has been helping women beat their addictions and teaching them to be the strong capable women they have been all along in a serene natural setting.

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