Importance of Having a Family Doctor

What will you do in case of a medical emergency? Who will be your first point of contact? Most people find it difficult to go in search of a doctor during a medical emergency. That’s where the importance of having a family doctor arises. If you have a family doctor who knows the A to Z about your medical condition, then during an emergency situation or when you need medical support during the late hours of the night, you can seek his help.

Benefits of Having a Family Doctor

Doctor is Aware of Your Medical Problems

A family doctor will be aware of the complete medical history of your family members. He or she is the primary physician of your family and knows what medicines are good for you and what you cannot tolerate. The family doctor at Medwin Family Medicine and Rehab centre not only treats you correctly but also guides you about disease prevention and health promotion.

He can Solve all Your Medical Problems

Your family doctor not only does your yearly checkup but provides medical help for chronic conditions like heart diseases, breathing problems, diabetes etc. He provides complete medical care for all ages.

He can Refer you to the Right Specialist if Necessary

In scenarios where you need the help of a specialist doctor for treatment, your family doctor will be the best person to advice you and provide you with the correct information about whom to consult. You family doctor will be able to provide the necessary information about your medical conditions and medical history to the specialist and will be there to support you during the course of your treatment.

Improve your Lifestyle and Saves Money: Having a family doctor means you can save money. He can also advice you how to promote overall wellness through preventative care. Going to a hospital or clinic for every medical need will cost you more. But when you have a family doctor, you don’t have to pay for each visit. You can have a yearly contract and pay your family doctor.

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