Where to Find Compassionate Memory Care for Your Loved One

For family members dealing with a loved one who has Alzheimer’s Disease or other form of dementia, the person’s loss of memory can be hard to watch. Sometimes, families decide that their loved one should be cared for by experienced nurses and caregivers. Our phenomenal programs include compassionate memory care that can enhance a loved one’s memories and give them moments of joy and laughter. We provide stellar Alzheimer’s nursing care Richmond VA inhabitants can utilize. Our team of dedicated caregivers have the advanced training necessary to work with our valued residents who suffer from memory loss and other conditions.

It is important for dementia patients to have continuity of care. We strive to provide the same caregivers that your loved one has become accustomed to. This can help residents maintain the memory that they currently have and reduce some of the anxieties residents might face with constant changing of their caregivers. All of our kind and dedicated staff have undergone additional memory related training before being assigned to our vulnerable Alzheimer’s residents. Our team delivers extraordinary Alzheimer’s nursing care Richmond VA area family members have come to trust over the years. We strive to stimulate each important resident’s memories through a multi-sensory approach designed especially for dementia patients.

Our care programs also include a special art program designed for those suffering with Alzheimer’s Disease and other dementia conditions. We encourage the residents to express themselves through art. This program enables residents to tap into their treasured memories, and family members generally see positive reactions from their loved ones who participate in this innovative memory care program. Additionally, our staff uses music and memory making Alzheimer’s nursing care Richmond VA residents truly enjoy to stimulate cognitive function and better well being for each resident. Contact or visit the website.

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