What You Should Know about Finding an Illinois Applied Behavior Analysis Provider

by | Jun 7, 2018 | Health

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For parents, a diagnosis that their child has autism can be frustrating and difficult to handle. While you love your child with your entire heart, autism presents some challenges that must be overcome. Thankfully, there are tools and techniques that can help. One of those is ABA, or applied behavior analysis. What should you know about this tool, and how can you find the Illinois applied behavior analysis provider?

What Is Applied Behavior Analysis?

Before we address the question of how to find an Illinois applied behavior analysis provider, we first need to explain what ABA is, and how it works. Essentially, ABA grew out of behavioral analysis, which has been practiced for decades at this time. ABA is nothing more than analyzing someone’s behavior, and then applying lessons learned from that analysis to help the individual achieve positive outcomes, overcome hurdles, and address areas where change is needed.

ABA provides your child with some benefits, including:

  • A carefully designed teaching approach
  • A systematic method of instruction and learning
  • A series of easy to learn skills
  • Interventions to certain unwanted or negative behaviors based on a child’s actual behavior and the underlying cause of that behavior

When it comes to autistic children, ABA provides a great many advantages. For instance, it offers the means to teach and address potentially harmful behaviors, such as being used to address eating disorders or sleeping disorders. It can also help autistic children learn skills they would otherwise struggle to master, or never learn at all.

Finding an Illinois Applied Behavior Analysis Provider

ABA can provide immense benefits for your autistic child, but you must find a skilled provider first. There are several important considerations here. One of the most important is the organization includes a team of board-certified behavior analysts and behavioral therapists. This ensures that the team has the knowledge, skills and training to provide ABA therapy for your child. It is also important to consider the potential of in-home ABA therapy, as well as the possibility of in-school therapy.

We believe that autistic children have an incredible amount of potential within them. At  Cornerstones Autism Services , we offer ABA therapy in our offices, as well as in school and within your home to help your child learn and acquire skills they need, as well as to combat potentially negative or dangerous behaviors.

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