Developing Research, Stem Cells, Sexual Health, And You

Sure, sex is coveted and idolized in the human society—a quick glance at most media will confirm that fact. However, it may be less known that sexual relationships have actual health benefits which make intimacy more than just pleasurable, but also advantageous both physically and psychologically!

So what happens when medical conditions get in the way of typical or pleasurable sex?

What Is Peyronie’s Disease?

Peyronie’s Disease involves the development of scar tissue within the penis which can result in erections that are significantly curved and painful. In some cases, these symptoms can result in an inability to have sex or difficulty in achieving or maintaining an erection. As a result, stress and anxiety arise in many individuals who find themselves struggling with symptoms of this condition.

Finding A Solution

Luckily, those searching for relief from the difficulties related to Peyronie’s Disease can seek expertise and treatment in the Las Vegas, NV area. While the actual cause of this condition is still not entirely understood, research suggests that certain types of stem cells have potential as treatments for fibrosis and other buildups of fibrotic tissue that occur in Peyronie’s Disease and result in painful, inconvenient symptoms.

Next Steps

It can be difficult to speak to your doctor about sexual problems or concerns—it’s a private matter, after all! However, if you are experiencing painful erections or if you feel that something may not be right during moments of intimacy with your partner, don’t be afraid to pose open and honest questions to your healthcare provider.

A number of remedies exist including natural solutions, prescription medications, or other medical procedures, but it’s possible that stem cell treatment provided by Las Vegas, NV might be the solution you need to resolve symptoms of Peyronie’s Disease.

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