What To Expect When Visiting a Medical Spa

by | Jul 20, 2015 | Health

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Regardless of if you are considering visiting a Med Spa in Northfield for a medical grade facial or some type of cosmetic procedure, there is a good chance that you will want to know what to expect if you have never been before. Essentially, a medical spa is a hybrid of a day spa and a medical office that is operated under a physician’s care and license. The products and treatments that are available are stronger and the results are more visible and dramatic. Some things to expect during your first visit are found here.

Checking In for Treatment

A medical spa is considered a medical facility, which means that there is more documentation and consultations needed than a traditional day spa. This means that you need to arrive before your appointment and ensure that all directions for the treatment are followed.

Based on the treatment you will receive, there may be consent forms required, as well. Virtually all chemical peels, lasers and injectable will have a consent form from the manufacturer that will detail the potential complications, benefits and risks.

Consultation and Treatment

While there are some facilities that will require an appointment for consultation purposes for first-time visitors, other medical spas will accommodate the consultation and treatment during the same appointment. However, this is dependent on the facility, as well as the treatment that is being given. This is especially true if you are planning on receiving multiple treatments at the same time.

Questions to Be Prepared for

When visiting a med spa, there are a number of questions that you need to be prepared to answer. These are crucial in determining if you are eligible for immediate treatment and include:

* What types of treatments have you undergone in the previous month?
* What products do you use currently and how often?
* Are you planning a special occasion in the near future and when this will occur?

When you understand what will happen during the appointment to a medical spa, you will be better prepared for the event. There are a number of benefits of using these facilities, including more visible and dramatic results. When you learn about what to expect and how the appointment will progress, you will be able to easily determine whether or not visiting a med spa is right for your needs and goals.

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