What the Malaysian Hair Extension Has To Offer

Another top competitor in the hair extension world is the Malaysian hair extension. Malaysian hair is a different texture than any other type of hair and is typically very shiny. Known to be softer and silkier than Peruvian hair, the Malaysian hair extension can be enjoyed by many different nationalities around the world.


Luxurious to the touch, the Malaysian hair extension exudes astounding high quality. Overall, the Malaysian hair extension is considered coarse but lighter and finer than Chinese hair extensions.


The Malaysian hair extension is fairly simple to care for and is very manageable. It holds any shape and curl well and there is no need to worry about frizziness or breakage. The Malaysian hair extension can handle heat and styling products just like Brazilian hair extensions.

Natural Colors

The Malaysian hair extension does come in a variety of colors but to ensure that one is purchasing the best quality Malaysian hair extension, they should look for a darker brown to blackish color because that is the natural hair color for most Malaysian people. Sometimes the Malaysian hair extension will be slightly lighter on the ends.

Waves vs. Straight

Naturally the Malaysian hair extension will be pin straight, while wavy and curly styles may be purchased. Malaysians generally wear straight hair styles and in the evolution of life – curls were not necessary in this cultural genre. But being that the Malaysian hair extension is so straight from the time of origin – when it is styled and curled, the curls/style will hold tremendously well and will not be affected by water or humidity. The texture with a Malaysian hair extension will not change whether it is wet or dry which is a great benefit for many individuals who seek out hair extensions to begin with.

Price Point

The Malaysian hair extension is higher priced than most of the other types of hair extensions that are available because it is newer on the market. Of the three primary hair extension types, the Malaysian hair extension is not as plentiful and is a little rarer to find authentic.

While being sleek and unmatched by any other hair extension available on the market, the Malaysian hair extension stands by itself. It encompasses its own unique qualities and specifications – setting it apart from the rest and leaving it highly desirable by many. If the shiny ‘doll hair’ look is what someone is looking for, that is exactly what they will receive when they purchase the Malaysian hair extension. The shine will tone itself down after a few washes but it is extremely flattering to men/woman of all ethnic backgrounds

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