What to do When Your Pet Has an Emergency

Your pets are like your family; actually they are part of your family. Therefore, if an accident happens and one of your pets needs immediate emergency care, it can be difficult to find a veterinarian that is open. However don’t worry; there are vets in your area that can assist you and your pet. There are a few simple tasks that you need to do first before finding an animal hospital in your area.

Make Sure You Remain Calm

In a time of crisis it can be hard to know what to do. If you see your pet hurt your thoughts could immediately turn negative. However, you have to keep this from happening. Not only will this cause you to panic more than you should it can also scare your pet, as well. Take a few deep breathes, know that there is help out there, and keep your pet calm and safe.

Assess the Damage

Before you are able to know what to tell the vet you first have to know what is wrong with your animal. Look to see where the damage is, be careful making sure there are no broken bones. If there are, when you help them in the vehicle you have to be extremely careful not to hurt them any further. After you know what exactly is wrong with your pet, contact your local veterinarian in Hardwood Heights.

Get Your Pet to the Veterinarian

Lastly and most importantly, get your animal to the provider closest to you. Make sure that you have called the veterinarian beforehand to ensure they keep emergency hours. Just because they list emergency hours does not mean that someone is there at all hours of the night. Call beforehand and make sure someone is there to meet you, and help you with moving and caring for your beloved pet.

Care for Your Pet at Home

After your pet has been cared for and released from the hospital the after care is on you. Follow all provided directions to make sure everything goes smoothly. Caring for your pet in an emergency can be simple as long as you follow the above steps. Just keep calm, figure out exactly what is wrong with your pet, and get your pet to the vet as soon as possible. Remember the sooner the better, that way you can ensure your pet’s safe recovery.

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