Get The Pain Relief Needed With Rf Ablasion OKC

Chronic pain can be debilitating and affect the entire body’s functions. It can inflame muscles that would normally be healthy due to the body constantly guarding the sore muscles. Chronic pain can come from disease, injuries or illnesses. Rf Ablasion OKC can assist in temporarily eliminating the pain without the use of daily medications for pain. This treatment is non-invasive and can last for anywhere between six and 24 months. Relieving this pain without being constantly medication can dramatically improve an individual’s quality of life. Living without pain and the affects it can have is the goal of this type of treatment.

RF Ablasion OKC stands for radio frequency (RF) ablasion treatment. This type of treatment can be used for severe chronic pain in the lumbar area of the spine. Radio frequency waves make heat on the identified nerves around the facet joints. The radio waves destroy the nerves ability to transmit pain signals to the brain by ablating the nerve. This is achieved by injections of local anesthesia to determine which nerves respond well. If the nerve responds to the anesthesia than it will be targeted by the radio waves. This type of treatment can be performed in a day-surgery clinic. A patient can return home very shortly after the procedure is completed. During the process, a patient may be given an IV for a mild sedative but will be awake during the entire procedure.

The determination of the pain generators in a patient is important for proper treatment by Longevity Joint Spine Pain. For some patients, an epidural can be used to correct a chronically irritated nerve in the back. For some patients, restorative rehabilitation can strengthen and improve the muscles in the back once the pain has been eliminated. A care plan can be developed for each patient with integrative functional medicine. A large range of options is available to meet the needs of the patient instead of constant medication that can affect a patient’s overall health. There is no longer a reason to suffer from the chronic pain of the back with the latest advancements in pain relief. For more information on eliminating pain, please feel free to Click here.

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