What Does It Feel to Be Very Depressed?

by | Aug 29, 2016 | Health

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Depression is felt differently from person to person. Some people feel a constant mood of sadness, others do not seem to feel anything at all like they are dead inside. If you are feeling this way, seek out mental health treatment in Minnesota. Depression is an illness which can be managed to bring back a sense of worth and excitement for life with a treatment of therapy and medication.

What’s It Like it Be Dead Inside?

It’s hard to put this into words as it really depends on your personal psychology and mindset. Some people say that it feels as if they have had their main organs under their rib cage removed, leaving an empty abyss in its place. Others feel like their soul has been removed violently, with mental wounds that tear and bleed constantly. This leaves the person to wish for the ability to function in a normal life. Priorities and ambition are targeted towards feeling normal, feeling happy and feeling valued. Depression is a very serious thing and should be treated as such, millions of people are diagnosed with depression every year and make the first few steps to recovery.

Only Pain

People with depression often express the lack of any feeling except pain and anguish. In all of the nothingness in their mind, one thing they can recognize is the pain they feel. Becoming able to feel even the smallest amounts of pleasure becomes a daily obsession, preventing the person to experience a normal life. Even walking down the road can cause people with depression to feel great anxiety and can push them further into introversion and solitude. This is sadly why so many people with depression contemplate suicide, just to get away from that feeling of nothingness.

Get Help

People are there to help if you have been experiencing anything that has been mentioned in this article. It’s very easy to get lost in your own mind, let someone help you find yourself again. Many people have beaten depression and resumed a normal life, you can do the same with the massive range of professional help which is at your disposal.

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